Black Sea - Map Listing
Title Battle Type / Description Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Part of the Day Length Battle Size Map Size (Area - Width/Depth) Region Envir. Weather Modules Required Author The Blitz Size Modifier Links


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Junction 2.btt

Blue Attack

Take and control a major road junction

2017/07/01 Day 00:30 Medium 1.877 Sq. km
(1504 m/1248 m)
Open Mist

Peter Cairns 5

Chernova Hirka Mastermap v1

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Chernova Hirka Mastermap v1.btt

Red Attack

Not defined!

2017/06/01 Day 02:30 Huge 15.368 Sq. km
(4640 m/3312 m)
Rough Mist

H1nd / Pasi Paroinen 10

sandbox map

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Ukrainian Crossroads.btt

Blue Attack

4 x 4.5 km map

2017/08/16 Night 04:00 Huge 18.048 Sq. km
(4512 m/4000 m)
Town Mist and Rain

sburke 10

CTD master

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CTD master.btt

Blue Attack

Not defined!

2017/06/01 Day 00:30 Medium 10.016 Sq. km
(5008 m/2000 m)
Ukraine Open Clear

information unavailable 5

Kieme's HighwayV2

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Kieme's Highway V2 - map only.btt

Meeting Engagement

Not defined!

2017/06/01 Day 00:45 Medium 3.84 Sq. km
(2000 m/1920 m)
Ukraine Open Clear

Kieme 6