Battle For Normandy - Scenario "Char & Char Alike (v1)"
Author: Mac IsleCreated with versionCMBN v3.10 to v3.12Requires module(s): Vehicle PackUses mod tags:

No picture provided!Grenadiers supported by Flame Tanks attempt to evict US Airborne troops. Play as Axis vs. AI or H2H. Axis must be human. 384 X 576m.

Battle Type: Axis Probe Date: 1944/06/06
Time: Day 12:00 Length: 01:00
Size: Small
Map Size: w: 384 m d: 576 m Area: 0.221 Sq. km
Region: France Terrain: Town
Weather: Hazy and Warm Ground Conditions: Dry
Early Intel: Neither theBlitz Size Modifier: 4