Battle For Normandy - Scenario "Operation Eisenbahn"
Author: De SavageCreated with versionCMBN v1.00Requires module(s): Uses mod tags:

No picture provided!Kampfgruppe Krause - part of 12th SS Panzer Division 'Hitlerjugend' - mission is to recon in force in light rain and fog. Playable on German side vs. AI or H2H. v1.1

Battle Type: Axis Attack Date: 1944/07/31
Time: Dawn 07:05 Length: 01:20
Size: Medium
Map Size: w: 384 m d: 1088 m Area: 0.418 Sq. km
Region: France Terrain: Village
Weather: Light Fog and Rain and Warm Ground Conditions: Wet
Early Intel: Allied Force theBlitz Size Modifier: 6