Fortress Italy - Scenario "GL Avanti Americani, Rapido !"
Author: Stephen Hilla (aka The Teacher)Created with versionCMFI v1.10Requires module(s): Uses mod tags:

No picture provided!Rangers storm two naval gun batteries and drive inland against Italian Blackshirt troops. HTH, Axis Human vrs 3 x American AI plans. 2kmx2km map.

Battle Type: Allied Assault Date: 1943/07/11
Time: Dawn 06:20 Length: 01:30
Size: Large
Map Size: w: 1600 m d: 1840 m Area: 2.944 Sq. km
Region: Italy Terrain: Open
Weather: Clear and Warm Ground Conditions: Dry
Early Intel: Allied Force theBlitz Size Modifier: 9