Final Blitzkrieg - Scenario "River of Blood"
Author: PanzerMikeCreated with versionCMFB v1.00 to v1.01Requires module(s): Uses mod tags:hansurnied

No picture provided!In their drive through Lorraine toward the border of Germany, the Americans seize a bridgehead over the river Nied. Playable in all modes but best played Germans vs AI

Stock Scenario

Battle Type: Axis Attack Date: 1944/11/11
Time: Day 15:00 Length: 01:20
Size: Small
Map Size: w: 1280 m d: 1008 m Area: 1.29 Sq. km
Region: France Terrain: Village
Weather: Overcast and Cold Ground Conditions: Muddy
Early Intel: Neither theBlitz Size Modifier: 4