Final Blitzkrieg - Scenario "Bridge over the River Kall"
Author: kohlenklauCreated with versionCMFB v1.00 to v1.01Requires module(s): Uses mod tags:kall, windhund

No picture provided!Panzer Aufklarungs Abteilung 116 Windhund probed toward the Kall River Bridge (Axis vs AI)

Battle Type: Axis Probe Date: 1944/11/06
Time: Night 21:30 Length: 00:20
Size: Tiny
Map Size: w: 208 m d: 208 m Area: 0.043 Sq. km
Region: Germany Terrain: Forest
Weather: Overcast and Cold Ground Conditions: Muddy
Early Intel: Neither theBlitz Size Modifier: 1