Battle For Normandy - Scenario "Three Patrol Action"
Author: Chad Lennerts (Ithikial)Created with versionCMBN v2.12Requires module(s): Uses mod tags:

No picture provided!Charlie Company 502 PIR, 101st Airborne, gets drawn into a fight in the hamlet of Fournel. Best played: Allies vs AI, H2H > Axis vs AI.

Battle Type: Allied Probe Date: 1944/06/06
Time: Dusk 18:30 Length: 00:40
Size: Small
Map Size: w: 800 m d: 560 m Area: 0.448 Sq. km
Region: France Terrain: Village
Weather: Overcast and Cool Ground Conditions: Damp
Early Intel: Axis Force theBlitz Size Modifier: 3