Battle For Normandy - Scenario "TWC First Crack at Cristot"
Author: Michael DoroshCreated with versionCMBN v1.10Requires module(s): CommonwealthUses mod tags:

No picture provided!11 Jun 44 - 6th Green Howards move against Hill 102. CSM Stanley Hollis, later awarded the VC for D-Day, played a pivotal role in this action as well. Brit vs. AI only

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Battle Type: Allied Attack Date: 1944/06/11
Time: Day 18:05 Length: 01:40
Size: Medium
Map Size: w: 1408 m d: 896 m Area: 1.262 Sq. km
Region: France Terrain: Open
Weather: Light Rain and Cool Ground Conditions: Wet
Early Intel: Axis Force theBlitz Size Modifier: 7